We love to help you out in giving healthy and smarter gifts to your loved ones. We have so many options and you will surely find something your loved one will like and savor it. Great Harvest gift options are available in either festive baskets or trays. Ask us about customized gifts, too! For printable version of below, Click here.

Gift Ideas

Gift Baskets - Make your own

With our fresh breads and goodies, made from scratch mixes combined with addons like spreaders, knifes, cups, cutting boards, soups and sauces etc., Make affordable gifts perfect for employees, colleagues, friends and family. We have a gift perfect for every occassion!

Starting from $10

Gift of Bread & Butter...

Not many things are comforting like freshly baked bread and rich butter. This option includes a loaf of your choice and one of our delicious Epicurean butters. Comes in our signature rope handled gift bag.


Gift of Bread and Jam/Honey

This popular option features a loaf of our famous 100% whole wheat honey whole wheat bread paired with a gourmet jam or whipped Honey for $3 more.


Comfort and Joy Basket...

This beautiful basket delivers comfort and joy in the form of fresh, warm, delicious meal. It features a gourmet soup mix(big), a fresh loaf of bread, and an incredible cake bread for dessert.


Whole Grain Goodness

A caring heart is healthy heart! Encourage both with this beautiful gift. Includes specialty Whole grain bread, one pound granola mix and Gourmet Whipped Honey


Breakfast Blast...

Featuring our famous, made-from-scratch, whole wheat pancake mix, Flavored Whipped Honey, spatula and four scones or muffins.


Abundant Basket

This popular offering perfectly showcases your generous nature! Includes a fresh loaf of Honey Whole wheat, the specialty loaf and cake bread of the day, a jar of gourmet jam, gourmet Whipped Honey and Great Harvest bread knife.


Basket of Gratitude...

Let Great Harvest help you spread thanks to your staff, colleagues, friends and family! This tray includes fresh, scratch-made products, including two loaves of cake bread, the specialty loaf of the day, twelve giant cookies, six wonderful muffins, and a Great Harvest bread knife. This option can also be put in a basket or a tray.


Extravagant Basket

An unforgettable gift! In addition to the contents of Basket of Gratitude, this basket also includes delicious soup mix(small) and a ceramic bread warmer or hardwood cutting board.