Gluten X Bread

Gluten Free has been a buzzed in the food industry for some years now. Overall, about 22% of adults consume some form of gluten free products.

  • Only about 1%-2% of adults do so due to Celiac disease – while the rest due so for perceived health benefits.
  • We believe that 100% of them have been missing the one key ingredient. . TASTE
  • We have introduced our Gluten X Bread this month.


  • It has a great fluffy texture flecked with flax, sunflower and sesame that lend a lovely nutty tone.
  • It looks and feels almost like traditional bread when sliced, and it toasts up beautifully.
  • It gets its softness and protein structure from oat flour and fiber, strength from psyllium husk powder, and is comprised of a flour blend that includes white and brown rice flour, tapioca, potato, and milk powder.
  • “I have been Gluten free for almost 6 years now and never tasted a Gluten Free bread like this one. It’s amazing.” – Katie

    “It has great texture and soft compared to any other bread from other stores. I will be your life time customer from now on.” – Connie

    Come and try our Gluten X Bread available fresh on Wednesday’s and all week until supplies last.

    Disclaimer: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WITH CELIAC DISEASE. Although these products are made with ingredients that naturally do not contain gluten, they are made in a bakery that uses gluten ingredients in other products.

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